Julia Woll - Ukrainian jewelry brand was founded in 2013. Main design direction - experiments with laconic shapes, perfect lines, color, unusual materials such as rare wood, anodized alumuniun,  rubber with Sterling silver, diamond and sapphires.

March 2016 - presented the first fragrance of brand Julia Woll eau de parfum "bitch"
January 2016 - Julia Woll are in the list three most interesting new generation jewelers according to the version of Forbes Ukraine

May 2015 — jewelry collection VANITAS?

March 2014 — Ukrainian Fashion Week, collaboration with Marchi  apparel designer
April 2014 — MBKFD, LEVEL'S,  Julia Woll personal show and collaboration with Ivan Sheldon
September 2014 — new jewelry collection Simple
September 2014 — Julia Woll is in top 5 New Jewelry Designers according to mainpeople.ua
October 2014 —  MBKFD, LEVEL'S, collaboration with KASS

December 2013 — first jewelry collection Inter.esse

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